Custom Folders for Presets, Plugins and Scripts via Environment Variables

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Use Environment Variables in Windows or Mac to set up a custom location for Cinema 4D Resources.

Cinema 4D resources including presets, plugins and scripts are usually installed in the application directory or the user's preferences folder. Using environment variables, you can define a custom path for these resources. In this C4D Quicktip, you'll learn how to define environment variables on both Windows and Macintosh so you can share plugins, scripts and presets between C4D installations and put them in a location that's more accessible or which has more storage space.

Environment Variables include:
C4D_BROWSERLIBS (lib4D presets)
C4D_PLUGINS_DIR (plugins)
C4D_SCRIPTS_DIR (scripts - R19+)

On Mac, you'll need the EnvPane utility, available from GitHub.