VFX Side Quest - Into the Looking Glass (Matrix 4 Mirror VFX)

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Instructor Red Giant

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  • Duration: 13:44
  • Views: 1415
  • Made with Release: 9
  • Works with Release: 9 and greater

Neo and Alice aren’t the only ones who can reach through the looking glass. Our latest VFX Side Quest recreates the mirror portal effect from the upcoming Matrix Resurrections using a shockingly small number of layers and some mesmerizing effects within VFX Supercomp. Reflect on some creative ways to simulate reflections, and the power of RG Chromatic Displacement. This effect was developed live during “VFX and Chill with Seth and Hashi” our weekly VFX show, and is recreated here in a stand-alone tutorial to be uploaded directly into your brain.

RG Plugins Used:
VFX Supercomp
Primatte Keyer
Magic Bullet Looks
Universe Spot Blur