NAB 2017 Rewind - Barton Damer: Nike: Anamorphic Artwork & Camera Projection for Print and Animation

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Barton Damer , Lead Artist and Founder of Alreadybeenchewed, takes us through a look at two different shoe campaigns his company has recently worked on, both utilizing camera projection techniques. The first being a set of commercials for Vans shoes' 50th anniversary utilizing anamorphic views for elaborate reveals. The second being with Nike for their Equality campaign where his team recreated head sculptures in 3D for Nike's athletes.

For the Vans shoe commercials, Barton demonstrates the camera and texturing techniques used to create the anamorphic effects. He goes through the setup and design process for both commercials showing the common techniques applied in both.

In the Nike Equality campaign, Barton and his team recreated 16 Nike athlete portraits within 48 hours using a base human head found in the Content Browser, the Sculpt tools, and Camera Projection. He uses Octane Renderer for real-time render results, to create a dynamic light mood on the original portrait that would not be achievable to do in 2D. Barton also shares his secrets for creating realistic facial textures using photoshop effects and layers.

03:05Design exploration process for anamorphic reveal on Vans shoe
10:42How the anamorphic shot was setup in C4D with respect to real world scale
13:35How to setup Camera Projection
21:04Add spring to the animation by placing models in a Fracture object along with a MoGraph Delay Effector
22:25Generate new UVW coordinates to make camera projections stick to animated objects
23:30How to create spray paint textures with a technique using the Bake Texture tag and Photoshop
29:28Use Photoshop layers in your texture for us in C4D material channels
35:37How to recreate Nike athlete portraits in 3D using a human head model, the scuplt tools, and camera projection
37:34Lighting and rendering the head models with Octane Renderer for real-time render feedback
41:06Adjusting the texture's PSD layers in Photoshop to adjust things such as shininess and pores on skin
44:02Creating eyeballs to add realism