NAB 2018 Rewind - Phil Roberts: Pitch to Final Product using Cinema 4D

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Phil Roberts outlines three projects he created while working for London-based marketing firm Taylor James. In the Heart Island project, Phil made use of C4D’s Polygon Reduction generator to simplify a complex sculpt and added foliage via the Scatter feature of Octane. Phil needed to create a scanline laser effect in a project for Superdry Shoe, and demonstrates two different techniques for achieving the effect within Octane. Finally, Phil shows a project for Bombay Sapphire and explains the role Index of Refraction plays in photorealistic rendering.

02:48Heart Island Project
06:04Polygon Reduction
07:02Foliage with Octane Scatter
13:14Superdry Shoe
15:30Scanline Effect with Octane Dirt Node
18:46Laser Effect with Octane Light
25:26Bombay Sapphire Project