NAB 2017 Rewind - John Lepore: 5 "Wrong" Ways To Use Cinema 4D

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Perception's Creative Director John LePore shows 5 "Wrong" Ways to use Cinema 4D. In this presentation you'll learn the quick and dirty techniques that a "lazy" C4D artist employs to create outstanding motion graphics and Fantasy User Interfaces for films, as well as real-world UI for the Ford GT and Microsoft Hololens.

John details a process for creating 2D textures from 3D elements, add reflections in a dashboard element for the Ford GT, and use Spline Dynamics to create a FUI spiderweb element for Dr. Strange. Finally John outlines how Perception used Cinema 4D's Camera Mapping options to create dynamic camera moves around concept art and to solve a tricky workflow issue when creating the new Marvel Studio logo.

03:35Concept Design for Technology - Ford GT
09:45C4D at Perception
12:32Using C4D To Make 2D Textures and Patterns
14:59Triangular Pattern
19:35Adding Reflections
22:22Spline Dynamics Spiderweb Hands - Dr Strange
30:48Marvel Logo - Projection Mapping
39:55Reprojecting After Effects Footage