NAB 2017 Rewind - Brett Morris: Starting from Scratch, Creating the Cineversity Ident

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  • Duration: 39:44
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  • Made with Release: 18
  • Works with Release: 18 and greater

In this NAB 2017 Presentation, you'll see how Brett Morris of Ranger & Fox created procedural glass panes for a Cineversity logo animation. You'll see how a basic logo form can be stylized using a Displacer Deformer and Polygon Reduction. The resulting polygons are then split into separate objects, and their axes aligned using the Axis Center tool. Next Brett shows how to create a procedural rig using Voronoi Fracture and stacked deformers. Finally, you'll learn some tricks for navigating the Object Manager hierarchy and replacing objects, and see how to complete the animation with MoGraph effectors and spline-based falloff.

03:43First Rough Animatic
05:40Second Animatic
07:05Creating the Play Button Glass Shield
08:53Deforming the Play Button with Displacer
14:55Splitting polygons to separate objects and aligning axes
19:39Generating Procedural Glass Panes (Voronoi Fracture, MoExtrude, Cloth Surface, Bevel Deformer)
29:03Use Multiple Object Managers to apply the procedural system to all objects
34:25Animating via Plain Effector and Group Effector