NAB 2017 Rewind - Brett Morris: Building Custom Tools for Scalable Production Techniques

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  • Duration: 46:28
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Brett Morris of Ranger & Fox shows a specific technique he used to animate textures in a MoGraph grid in a project for ProtectWise. You'll see how Brett approached the problem, with reference textures to work out the process. The basic animation is achieved with MultiShader, and Effector Falloff controlling the brightness of each clone. Specific clones are then isolated using Sort Mode, ReEffector and MoGraph Selections. Finally the whole animation is easily animated by keyframing the falloff scale of several effectors.

02:24Overview Protectwise Project
10:13The Star Floor Grid Effect
19:54Basic Grid and Texture Animation (Multishader)
26:10Switching Textures using Cloner Sort Mode, Modify Clone, MoGraph Selections
30:04Setting Rotations (Formula Effector, ReEffector)
38:54Animating with Falloff