NAB 2012 Rewind - Kevin Aguirre: Character tools for motion graphics

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Character Tools for Motion Graphics - Kevin Aguirre of Cake Studios presents at NAB on April 18, 2012

Discover how you can apply CINEMA 4D's robust hair, IK, and spline dynamics tools to push your motion designs to the next level.

In this presentation, Kevin demonstrates how Cake Studios utilized CINEMA 4D's Hair Module, Multi-Pass rendering and After Effects Integration to create grass in idents for ESPN's Longhorn Network. Next he shows how Cake used CINEMA 4D IK, Xpresso and Spline Dynamics to rig a robotic arm in an ident for NFL's Red Zone Channel. Finally, Kevin explains advanced After Effects Integration and post relighting techniques used in a series of opens for Sky Sports Germany.

04:38Longhorn Network
13:16Red Zone Channel
34:50Sky Sports Germany