NAB 2017 Rewind - Nick Campbell: 20 Speed Hacks Every New C4D User Should Know

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  • Duration: 48:26
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  • Made with Release: 18
  • Works with Release: 18 and greater founder Nick Campbell shows how to quickly create a dynamic text reveal using a MoGraph cloner, MoDynamics, the Variation shader, and the Physical Renderer. During the process Nick demonstrates a number of tips and techniques aimed towards improving your speed and workflow. Topics will include how to customize your workspace, using Render Instances and baking dynamics for faster playback, how to create fast "render blasts" for previz, the benefits of using Team Render, and also how to best use the Physical Renderer in conjunction with the Interactive Render Region for the fastest render results. In the end Nick closes with a fantastic optimization trick on how to save almost 50% of your render time when using the Physical Renderer by replacing the Color Channel with a Diffuse layer in Reflectance.

03:31Set as Default to customize commonly used objects
04:58Use the Cloner object to attach spheres to text
06:37Right-Click and Show Help to find documentation
07:55MoDynamics Rigid Body tag used on Clones
09:55Customize your layout for better organization
12:59Use Render Instances to speed up workflow
16:01Interactive Render Region
18:18Variation Shader
19:43HDRI Studio Rig
23:26Optimizing render times with the Physical Renderer
30:27Use Team Render to speed up renders
31:16Baking Dynamics for faster playback
33:10Use Hardware of Software Renderers for quick ""Playblasts"" in real time
37:00Optimizing Physical Renderer Settings
40:58Replace Color channel in Diffuse layer Reflectance channel to save render time with Physical Renderer