How to Create a MoBubbles Animation with the MoGraph Cloner

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Instructor Elly Wade

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  • Duration: 24:29
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In this video, we look at how to produce this funky looking animation with the MoGraph Cloner Object, only available in either Studio or Broadcast.

First, we set up the cloner with our sphere objects and use "object mode" to make the cloner to fill the volume of a torus with different size spheres.

Then set up the dynamics tag of our objects to make sure we constrain the spheres within the torus mesh.

We then add a Plain Effector to disintegrate part of the cloner to make our spheres disappear.

We then add in our camera, lights, backgrounds and texture to make our objects stand out.

Finally, we animate our Plain Effector to get these spheres dissolving in front of our eyes.