Hands on with Maxon - Intro to Rigging in C4D

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Hands-on with Maxon: Intro to Rigging - Part 1 (of 6)

Join Cinema 4D expert instructor Joe Herman for a comprehensive six-part webinar series that will show you how to use the world-class rigging tools in Cinema 4D.

- What rigging is and why you need it
- Scope of the course
- What are joints?
- Making Joints and joint hierarchies
- Rigging a mechanical model (swivel lamp) without point weighting
- Aligning joints
- Applying parent constraints to bones
- Introduction to forward and inverse kinematics (IK and FK)

Download project files and course outline: https://bit.ly/HOWMaxon_Files_Rigging

Rigging is a crucial skill to have in the field of computer animation, enabling you to animate fully articulated 3D characters, anthropomorphic forms, mechanical objects and more.

This series will start with the fundamentals and progress to accomplished rigging concepts, including point weighting, constraints, FK, IK and pose morphs. It will also cover other important topics such C-Motion, C4D's powerful tool to generate cyclical motion, and the Pose Library, a critical tool for performing character animation.

Get comfortable with rigging in just 6 weeks! These 2-hour sessions are designed for artists with little to no experience in rigging and will be run inside of Cinema 4D R25, with sample project files and assets provided. Attendees are invited to follow along with the techniques shown throughout the session, however they are also recorded and available to re-watch in your own time.

00:00:00 Welcome
00:03:14 Today's Topic
00:07:23 Introduction
00:08:50 Joint Tool
00:11:10 __ Hierarchy
00:14:02 __ Axis direction
00:15:25 __ Adding and branching
00:19:34 Symmetrical setup
00:20:15 __ Symmetry Object
00:21:42 Create and Adjust
00:22:33 Q No Root Null
00:23:51 Q Hot keys up/down hierarchy
00:24:26 Q Joining Symmetry
00:26:18 Mechanical – Forward Kinematic [FK]
00:28:58 __ Constructing the Rig
00:31:10 __ Naming the Joints
00:33:44 __ Bone Display, Size
00:37:15 __ What means Forward Kinematic
00:40:10 __ Adding functionality, Base
00:50:08 __ Recap
00:51:51 __ Front tilt, Base
00:54:26 __ Adding Master Controller
00:55:43 Inverse Kinematic, lamp [IK]
00:58:58 __ IK set up
01:01:51 __ Extending with an FK "tool"
01:02:55 __ Adding a Goal
01:03:30 __ Adding a Pole Vector
01:06:01 __ Follow a Locomotive Wheel
01:09:31 Q Weighting Vertices
01:11:06 Q IK always on the first joint
01:13:42 Q Rigging straight or bend
01:16:47 Q Preventing intersections
01:19:30 Adding IK to the Lamp
01:23:41 __ Goal/Pole in/outside the rig
01:25:53 Constraints Tags
01:27:24 __ Transform
01:30:08 Hand off to an Animateur [TD]
01:36:01 __ Creating Controllers
01:45:47 Animate the lamp rig
01:48:02 __ Ball Dynamic
01:49:10 __ Freeze and reset
01:51:43 __ Set keyframes and poses
01:54:39 Recap
01:55:35 Q Rigging Animals
01:59:06 Q Character Object
02:02:32 Next Episode
02:04:49 Thanks and good bye