Fast and Fun 3D: Impossible Balancing Shapes

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Instructor Donovan Keith

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Create a graphic 3D element for your 2D designs.

To follow along, you'll need a copy of Cinema 4D. If you have Adobe Creative Cloud, you already have a copy of Cinema 4D Lite included with Adobe After Effects. Otherwise, you can download a free Demo Version.

In this video, Donovan Keith shows you how to create graphic 3D elements that you can layer into your 2D compositions. You'll start by modeling precariously balancing blocks. Then you'll develop a harmonious color scheme and apply it to your blocks. Next you'll create some lights, and add some effects to sweeten your image.

How you combine this 3D element into your 2D compositions is up to you, but with some simple photographic textures and some time in photoshop, you can create some really fun designs with these 3D elements.