Demystifying Post-Production: Raise your Redshift Game: Rendering Particles

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Join Maxon Trainers Elly Wade, Lionel Vicidomini and Dustin Valkema as they dive into some exciting techniques using Redshift. Throughout this four-part series the team will breakdown interesting new ways to increase your Redshift rendering skills. From rendering particles and volumes, to building complex layered materials and even jumping into sub-surface scattering!

In this session Master Trainer Lionel Vicidomini will show you the many ways to render particles with Redshift, using the standard particles in Cinema 4D as well as X-Particles from INSYDIUM. But what would be particles without trails? Tracing the path of the particles, you will learn how to achieve beautiful results using Redshift, recreating some iconic looks.

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:00:43 Series Overview
00:01:15 Housekeeping
00:03:41 Files
00:04:10 Today’s Topic
00:05:35 Head X-Particles, RS3D
00:06:35 __ Head Preparation
00:09:49 __ X-Particles
00:12:22 __ xpTrail, XpTurbulence
00:15:26 __ Render Splines, RS
00:17:22 __ RS Material [Spline]
00:22:20 __ Spline, adjustments
00:27:17 __ Controll Color [Vertex]
00:30:36 __ xpColor [Falloff, Fields]
00:33:56 Q Move particles rnd along edges
00:36:00 __ Lifetime Trail Modifier
00:43:00 __ Rs Material, Light, Scene
00:48:43 Q Tell us about render-times
00:50:35 __ Spot light, Environment
00:53:27 __ Bokeh [DOF]
00:57:54 Q Variations of heights
00:59:40 Q Render Settings on GI
01:00:57 Q Speed up Geometry calculations
01:02:45 Head native Cinema 4D
01:03:28 __ Matrix, Thinking Particles
01:04:18 __ Field Force, Vector, Random
01:07:10 __ XPresso
01:09:13 __ MG Tracer
01:10:35 __ RS Object
01:14:21 Thank you, see you next week.