CV-Splines to Objects: Interactively Offset and Chamfer Objects with CV-Splines 2.0

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Create complex type effects using a single source spline.

CV-Splines 2.0 adds a parametric Outline Object and a Chamfer Object. This allows you to create complex type effects using a single source spline.

All objects are fully parametric generators that allow you to nest them. Any changes you make to your parametric source spline will ripple out to every object in your hierarchy - meaning you no longer need to make splines editable to create rounded corners, offset paths, or even giving them thickness. These two objects open a world of spline modeling possibility - with them you can build an entire architectural interior with floors, walls, and molding with only a floor plan.

Known Limitations
- The objects use Cinema's in-built offset and chamfer spline tools to perform their calculations - and they will fail in the same circumstances as those tools.
- The objects are written in Python - which makes it easy to add additional features and make cross-platform releases - but it also means that they are inherently slower than native Cinema 4D objects.