CV-Dailies, Part 01: Series Overview

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CV-Dailies make it easier to review your scenes, add notes for freelancers, and review suggested changes.

A brief introduction to the CV-Dailies scripts for Cinema 4D. CV-Dailies are a collection of tools that make it easier to mark up your scene with notes. This can aide in the process of reviewing works in progress, and making suggested client changes. The set includes:

CV-Add Note: Adds an annotation tag to the selected object and allows you to add the name at the same time.
CV- Next Note: Frames the next annotation tag in your scene.
CV-Previous Note: Selects the previous annotation tag and frames the object it’s attached to.
CV-Show & Fold All: Makes it easy to see every annotation tag in your scene.
CV-Summarize Notes: Creates a block of Markdown-formatted text that you can easily drop into an email listing all notes and markers in your scene.
CV-Add Named Marker: Creates a marker at the current frame and gives it a name.
CV-Dailies Palette: Opens a palette that includes a number of tools that make it easy to add notes to your current scene.