CV-C4D to UE4: Overview

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CV-C4D to UE4 is a set of plugins for Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine 4 that greatly simplify the process of transferring your game ready assets from Cinema 4D to Unreal Engine 4.

With these two plugins installed you can easily transfer your Cinema 4D scenes to Unreal Engine 4, with the click of a button, straight from within Cinema 4D. You can even Cut and Paste objects from C4D to UE4. The process supports models and materials. Transforms (axes) and and Phong tags are exported correctly as well.

CV-C4D to UE4 is especially useful for iterative workflows. There's no need to convert your models before export - the plugin converts everything to polygon objects during export allowing you to maintain parametric objects, generators, etc. When re-exporting later, the plugin checks for already exported models/materials and updates them.

Currently works with Unreal Engine 4.16, 4.17 and 4.18.