Creating Variations of Scenes with Takes: Series Introduction

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Instructor Raymond Olsen

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In this tutorial series we’ll learn how to harness the power of Takes in Cinema 4D.

Takes allow a user to store endless variations of their scene in a single file. The possibilities of what you can use takes for is endless, but in this series we’ll focus on using takes to store all of our different studio setups and design variations in a single file. This will show you the basics of what you can do with takes and perhaps you’ll find a place in your workflow that can be streamlined by adopting the take system

We’ll start with quick a primer on the take system, after that we’ll set up 4 takes in our wine bottle and box scene. Then I’ll discuss relative paths and using take render tokens which will enable our output file paths to automatically change with our takes. We’ll mark our takes and render a set of images to see how the system works in this basic setup. After that, we’ll set up up a more complex take configuration that also makes it possible for us to store multiple product variations in this one file. Takes is a powerful tool that can greatly enhance your workflow, I hope this brief overview entices you to click over to the takes tab and try it out.