Remove Flipping from Objects Animated onto a Circle Spline

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Stop your animated objects from flipping on a circle spline.

When animating on a circle spline with the align to spline tag, use the Rail Spline feature to prevent your object from flipping.



- [Darrin Frankovitz] Do you notice anything little strange here? Let's try this view. Maybe you've noticed that the dolphins are flipping when they get to the outside edges on the left and the right of these circle splines. In this quickstep, we're going to see how we can prevent this from happening. So how do we fix this? Well, we're actually going to take advantage of the rail spline option in the align to spline tag. Now because we're using the tangential feature of this tag which controls it's rotation as it travels along the spline, then we can use the rail path. So we want to turn on tangential, and now we want to assign a spline. But what spline do we use? Well, we're just going to make a copy of the original circle spline and I'm just going to call it "rail one." And I'm going to assign that into the rail path fields. Now, let's just try changing the size of this, so it's bigger, smaller. Either of those are working. So what I'm going to do is just go into my top field, and I'm just going to move it back a little bit just so that there's some separation. And let's go back into my circle cam here. So now, we can see that it is no longer flipping on those edges. Let's check out the final animation, and there you go. I hope this helps. It's a really, really simple quick tip and introduces you to one of the functions of the rail spline. Thanks, everyone. - [Male 2] If you are interested in personalized training or project assistance, visit, and visit for more great tutorials and resources.
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