Cinema 4D Team Render, Part 04: Adding Clients to Team Render

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In this tutorial you’ll learn how to add and manage Team Render clients within the Team Render Machines dialog.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to add and manage Team Render clients within the Team Render Machines dialog. You’ll learn how to easily add machines via Bonjour, and how to disable Bonjour if it’s causing issues. You’ll learn how to add machines manually by DNS name or IP address. You’ll learn specific considerations and strategies for dealing with multiple active network connections. You’ll also learn how to save and load the machines list so you can easily add all the machines on your network to Team Render.



- In this how to add machines within Cinema 4D's Team Render machine's dialog. is basically the same. We're cover it here within Cinema 4D because it's the least first, you'll need to Render machine's dialog from the render menu. By engine is disabled within Cinema 4D, you'll need to enable it before you can add machines. As you machine option is disabled so down to the Team Render Team Render by checking this box. The Render preferences should open directly when you choose the from the Team Render machine's However, if need to twirl open renderer section because it's a the renderer section. Once Team Render enabled, you can existing machine over the your Rendering. So you're able to utilize Team Render. shared machine over network controls whether your machine Rendering. Now you can see machines that Render client open are automatically via Bonjour. Bonjour is a technology iTunes that allows you to easily to various machines on your network, however it can be sometimes it doesn't return IPs. If it However, we are going manually add these machines as well because for Bonjour can frequently cause issues well. So if you're clients are being found via Bonjour, you double-click on them and prompted immediately for the security token. We'll the security token that I've set up of my Team Render clients installations. And click OK. And Woodchuck and for Lamprey. in able to machines. You can see that they are connected and ready for rendering because they now have an it next to each of the can also see that Chupacabra is actually running Lamprey are running an instance of Team Render client, because there is the studio client the machine specs. So ahead turn off them, and we'll look at how to add manually. Now you'll notice that I can't actually remove they're being found via because not have them show can do however, is unverify all three them. Now I'm going to switch to Woodchuck and turn off Here in the Team going to go into the preferences, sure we're in the team render page, and disable the announce option. Now, if we switch back other machine, has disappeared from Bonjour is no longer detecting it. So we'll now be machine manually. To add a machine, either choose add machine from the machine menu or double-click Team Render machine's dialog. to enter port. And a good tip at the console output within Team Render client. and look at the console. And here beginning with the third line, we have some indented lines The first line will name that's been detected for this computer, followed by a colon and the port number. And in many enter this exactly in this to you that if shown end with .local, then it's still using Bonjour in order to set up that DNS. That unique DNS name through and So if the you'll probably experience issues if try to use that DNS name to connect to this client. In this use the Woodchuck 5401. If DNS probably chance the computer is utilizing DHCP get its IP addresses. And in that case, the IP address may and you'll have to re-add within Any IP addresses will appear beneath the DNS name, indented. And here you can see that I have a DNS through my ethernet connection, on had additional network connections on this computer, such as through additional ethernet ports or cards, wi-fi connections, VPN tunneling adapters, Bluetooth adapters, Thunderbolt networking, all of these different types of things that can the computer, those would in connection. In what this looks like on the Mac. Here the Mac, you can see that we have that Lamprey.local DNS valid name to be using for this connected to it's being automatically generated by Bonjour. Next, you can see that we have multiple instances addresses being shown, .0.69 This is connection active as connection active, which we can find if we go into network. Here you can see that ethernet connection is using .69 and the wi-fi connection, IP unless we click in that it's using .35. So that's where those two IP also has an additional ethernet connection, Bluetooth, and Thunderbolt. So there's lots of multiple network to be problematic, however, to run separate connections off of the same subnet. So because and the ethernet connection same assigned two the same subnet, within the subnet, because the subnet mask is 255.255.255. and this is the same subnet. So Team Render doesn't work well when you have multiple network connections that are in the same So in this case, the best solution is to simply turn off the now, let's just restart Team so that can see that IP address because now the ethernet connection is connected. And again, you should through wired ethernet. Don't use Team would add this IP address. Now ideally, I would set IP, within my DHCP server, so that wouldn't change from time to time, which would require me to old IP and add a new one in Render regarding you may have an instance where you wi-fi to connect to the internet, but you're connecting a cable between two computers to Team sure to set a connection within your network So you would change this to manual and make sure to set it from the wi-fi connection, so wi-fi would use number that you'd like. And then make that when you connect to this computer you connect to it using that you set up and not the being used they're in separate work out okay. So we'll cancel out of this, and two machines into our Team Render. going to turn off announce service via Bonjour here as well these machines manually. And so back to our I'm going to do the remember the IP address, it's If the connection's able to be made, you'll security token, and you can type hit OK. And We'll do the same so we'll simply type Woodchuck:5401, OK, and the security token, wait a second, and the machine will get an error that says incoming connection failed or LLReceivedBytes that, it typically means that the connection was not able to be made your computer trying to add. Sometimes the configuration of the IP addresses, like with multiple covered, or it can be due If you that's almost And in those cases, I would refer you the troubleshooting tutorial that's coming later up in this what to do when things go the Render not want to do that on each you're utilizing for Team Rendering. that case, you can load machines options within Render choose save go ahead and save this as a list on desktop. We'll call it Team Render. Now let's go ahead and desktop, and I'm going to open text the format of or IP followed by a colon, followed port number, followed by a semicolon, and then the security semicolon, and the unique generated use this file, a it back in exactly as this is, you receive an error that says expected some character string reached some character like this. That happens because the preferences user changed, or something about the machine changed that changed the unique ID that was assigned to easiest way around this is to delete that into the machine's when you're adding the machines for first time. So now we'll go ahead and resave this file IPs. And I'm going to Cinema 4D. And let's just go ahead and remove each we'll go to machine, load machines. going to load that Team Render.txt file, which I just hit open. And you can immediately and they're ready for you do not have to even manually add the machines simply generate a file that has this formatting, DNS or IP, colon, port, semicolon, security token. And ahead and add that and it will automatically add when you choose load Team Render machine's dialog. Once again, if you adding clients to Team Render, LLReceivedBytes Failed, or incoming connection failed, the troubleshooting tutorial in this cover how to connections and renders in detail But my first recommendation for now, if you're running into Bonjour, and try to add the manually. running multiple that are utilizing the same subnet, make sure you're using the correct DNS name or IP when you machine. Now that we've got added the next how to utilize Team Render from Cinema 4D using either the Team Render to picture viewer queue.
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