CG Event Rewind: A Glitch in the Metaverse with Red Giant | Chad Perkins

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  • Duration: 45:47
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  • Made with Release: 9
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In this session, Maxon Senior Trainer Chad Perkins will create a 3D metaverse scene in After Effects by sending camera tracking data from After Effects to Cinema, bringing in a 3D character from Cinema 4D, turning it into a hologram, reflecting all of that into a live action plate, and compositing it all together. In the process, he’ll look at multiple ways to create 3D objects using Cineware and Trapcode Form, he’ll create disruptions in those particles using a clip from a vintage martial arts movie (Ninja Death III, if you’re curious), quickly create scrolling lines of code using plugins from Red Giant Universe, create and track a procedural reflection using tools from the VFX Suite, and composite it all together using Supercomp.

00:00 Overview
02:30 Getting a character from Mixamo
03:10 Fixing the textures in Cinema 4D
04:10 Isolating the selections to the joints
04:35 Posing the character
05:12 Getting the character into Cineware
05:50 Tracking and adjusting the plate
06:43 Putting AE tracking data in Cinema 4D
08:00 Setting up Live Link between Cinema and After Effects
09:10 Transforming Cineware objects
09:45 Creating a hologram with Trapcode Form
11:30 Using Cinema 4D files with Trapcode Form
12:51 Changing the look of the Form particles
13:43 Affecting areas of the Form using the Curves interface
15:55 Using the Fractal Field to affect the particles
18:00 Duplicating a Form in the Designer
19:10 Creating a wireframe look in Form
20:15 Using the Fractal Strength Over Curve
23:20 Affecting Form particles with audio
29:15 An Audio React troubleshooting tip
30:13 Creating code with Universe Screen Text
33:49 Creating advanced reflections with VFX Suite's Reflection
37:50 Making a tracked reflection using King Pin Tracker
40:12 Using Supercomp to composite the layers together
43:40 Optical Glow vs. Layer Glow
43:53 Final result, final thoughts, final tips