Convert C4D Python Scripts to Plugins with Script Converter

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Script Converter makes it incredibly easy to convert Cinema 4D Python scripts into full CommandData plugins.

These plugins make it as easy to take your quickly bashed together Python Scripts, Python Generators, and Python Expression Tags and turn them into proper plugins.
This tool was created to support our internal plugin development efforts at, but we felt it would provide the most benefit to the Cinema 4D community if it was freely available and open source.
Release downloads and additonal information is available at the project’s GitHub Repo:

* Download and Install:
* Quickstart Tutorial:
* Documentation:
* Contribute to the Open Source Project:
* Report Bug / Idea:

This project is sponsored by MAXON US and was created for's CV-Toolbox.

* Programming and Design: Niklas Rosenstein
* Initial Concept and Design: Donovan Keith