2D Tracking Using the "MotionTracker User Tracks" Node in XPRESSO

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  • Duration: 21:19
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  • Works with Release: 19 and greater

The Motion Tracking Workflow in Cinema 4D, allows us to use the tracker as a 2D tracker, and extract the 2D position of tracks. To achieve this, we use an XPRESSO preset called "MotionTracker User Tracks".

In this Video, Thanassis will show you how to use this workflow to control individual objects, MoGraph Clones, and even use the Auto Trackers for 2D Tracking Effects.

If you download the Project, please note that it's not the full scene. It only contains the XPRESSO setup, the nulls and the Tracer.
To use it, load some footage, create 3 Manual Trackers, and drag the Motion Tracker from the Object Manager on to the Empty XPRESSO Node.