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Video Projection Design

Video Projection Design is a field where artists can create imagery that allows for interaction with physical spaces and live performers. A subset of the field, video projection mapping allows designers to transform props, sets, or even buildings into completely different objects and environments through a carefully constructed relationship between imagery and the silhouette and form of these objects.


These project breakdowns from tradeshow presentations will help to show you the state of the art in projection design for live events.

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    NAB 2016 Rewind - Steve Teeple: Next Gen Concert Visuals with C4D

    Steve Teeple shows how he creates motion design for concert visuals in Cinema 4D. Steve shows how complex effects can be created by layering Spline Wrap and Cloner elements, animating with GSG Signal and animating the UV offsets within the texture tags. He then shows how to create great looking renders in Octane using emissive textures and roughness maps.

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    NAB 2015 Rewind - Alan Demafiles: Animating Projections on Massive Structures with C4D

    Learn how Alan Demafiles takes advantage of key Cinema 4D workflow features to create outstanding building projections for Sugar Land, Texas, The Venetian Macau and other projects.

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    Siggraph 2015 Rewind - Lucas-James Schumacher: High-end Projection Mapping with Cinema 4D

    Lucas-James Schumacher demonstrates how Moment Factory uses Cinema 4D in the creation of live projections. You’ll see how Moment Factory achieved three specific looks in a project for Beijing’s Emporium shopping district.