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Translating Closed Captions

This page is for Distributors or individuals who are interested in translating Closed Captions/ Subtitles for Cineversity tutorials. If you have any questions about this process, please contact m_brand@maxon.net.


1. Go to amara.org

2. Click Subtitle Video.


3. Log in. If you don’t have an Amara account already, you will need to create an account/login.

4. Paste the VIMEO link/URL to the video and click Begin.

5. On the left side, click “Add a new language.”


6. Choose the language in which to add subtitles.


7. In the Subtitle Editor, you’ll see the English text on the left that needs to be translated. You will enter your translated text in the center column fields opposite the English text.  


NOTE: If there is no closed caption/subtitle text file already with the video, you can request captions to be added.

Finishing the Process:

8. Once you have finished a translation, the “Start Syncing” button should appear in the top right. Click it.


9. Note the subtitles are all already synced via the English captions, so you can just click Start Review and make sure your subtitles are correct.


10. Once you are happy with your translation, click Publish. This will automatically return you to the main video page. Click the link for the language you just added.


11.Click the link for the language you just added.


12. From the Download dropdown, choose VTT. The subtitle file should download. Make sure to “Save File” and not “Open with” or you will end up with a text file.


13. Make sure to “Save File” and not “Open with” or you will end up with a text file.


14. Send this .VTT file to the Cineversity admin. We will upload it on the backend and add the language filter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I want to translate XYZ tutorial but I can’t find the vimeo link

Most of our Cineversity tutorials are not shown publicly on our Vimeo channel. You will have to contact us directly for the vimeo url.

The tutorial isn’t loading on amara.

This is most likely due to restricted embeds. Please contact m_brand@maxon.net to change the embed settings.

When I download the .VTT file from amara it saves as a text file.

If you are having trouble saving as .VTT, please send us the amara translation url and we’ll download it manually.

There are English Captions on the vimeo video but they do not show up on amara.

This is because the English Captions were not created on amara. If you need the English Captions on amara, please contact m_brand@maxon.net to add them.

I want to Caption an older Cineversity tutorial that isn’t hosted on vimeo.

That shouldn’t be a problem. Please contact us and we can migrate the tutorial series over to Vimeo.

Having an issue that isn’t listed here? Please contact m_brand@maxon.net