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Cinema 4D’s sculpting tools make modeling as intuitive as working with a lump of clay.


Start to finish tutorials that lead to a great looking final result.

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    Boston Terrier Illustration

    Create a medium-resolution model of a boston terrier by using the sculpting tools on a polygon mesh.

Feature Overviews & Reference

In-depth coverage of Cinema 4D’s sculpting toolset and workflow.

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    New in CINEMA 4D R14: Sculpting

    A basic overview of the core sculpting tools, first introduced in R14.

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    New in Cinema 4D R16: Sculpting Enhancements

    In this video you’ll learn about the Select Brush, sculpting on Camera and Correction deformers, sculpt modifiers, API enhancements, material-based stamps & stencils, and the new Unsubdivide command.

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    Polygon Pen, Part 07: Retopologizing

    Use the Polygon Pen Tool’s reproject mode to retopologize a high-resolution sculpt of an Owl by Patrick Goski. Watch a time-lapse of a longer retopology process to get a sense of workflow.


Watch working artists share their latest production work.

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    Siggraph 2013 Rewind - Chris Korn: Character sculpting

    Chris Korn demonstrates how he created a Cicada alien using the Sculpting tools in CINEMA 4D R15, including sculpting on polys, Project Mesh, Mirroring, Interactive Flood and Amplify. Chris shows a workflow for retopologizing a model using CINEMA 4D’s modeling and snapping tools, and reprojecting the sculpt using the Project Mesh feature.

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    Siggraph 2012 Rewind - Chris Korn, Day 3: Sculpting

    Discover how easy it is to add detail and realism to your models.