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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Cineversity? Chances are it’s already answered here. You can skip to the general category of your question by clicking on the appropiate subject under “Page Contents” to the left. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please contact us.

About Cineversity

Cineversity is an educational program sponsored by Maxon for the benefit of students and teachers of 3D modeling, textuing, lighting, animation and rendering. It focuses on bringing the widest variety of resources for learning Cinema 4D to users of the software. These include curriculum, tutorials, and other material that we hope will prove helpful to even the most frustrated of novices. In creating Cineversity, it is our goal to further enrich the 3D community by introducing future generations of professionals to the joys of 3D computer graphics in the least intimidating and most satisfying way possible.
How do I get access to Cineversity Premium Content?
If you have a Cinema 4D Subscription, you have access to Cineversity’s premium content.
How do I log-in to Cineversity?
Your user name and password and the same as your MyMaxon account log-in. In order to access Cineversity, you will need to have a MyMaxon account.
Can I download tutorials?
No. As part of our subscription-based membership and to control piracy, you are not allowed to download any tutorial videos on the Cineversity site. Many tutorials have associated project files, which you are free to download and keep even if your membership has lapsed.
Can I request a specific tutorial?
You can post your tutorial suggestions as a poll within the Tutorial Suggestions forum on our site. Keep in mind that our instructors are most likely to focus on tutorials that will have general appeal and fall within their areas of expertise.
Does Cineversity provide one-on-one training?
Cineversity does offer one-on-one training, via direct connect which allows you to interact directly with one of our knowledgeable instructors via the internet. While you converse via VOIP or telephone, you’ll be able to follow along by viewing the instructor’s screen remotely. You’ll also have the opportunity to share your screen so the instructor can evaluate your progress and help you along. You can choose from one of our curriculum options or get training in the context of a current project. There is a fee for this service. You can learn more about Cineversity 1on1 by watching this video. Email ([email protected]) or call MAXON US now (+1-877-ANIMATE) to schedule your Cineversity 1on1 session.
Does Cineversity provide on-site training?
On-site training is available through your local distributor or a Maxon authorized training partner.
I have a question or concern that isn’t addressed by this FAQ, how do I contact support?
If you have questions about your account or are experiencing technical difficulties with the website, you can use our online contact form to reach the appropriate parties.
I have a question about a tutorial, how do I get help?
If you are experiencing an issue with the content of a specific tutorial, click on the blue “Help with this Tutorial” button on the tutorial playback page. This allow you to post a new thread to our tutorial support forum where you can ask your question and get timely feedback from a Cineversity support representative or a member of the Cineversity community. If someone else has already asked a question about the tutorial, you’ll see their question and any responses while still having the opportunity to ask your own.
I’m working on a project and need answers fast!
While project assistance is beyond the official scope of Cineversity support, there’s a good chance you’ll get a helpful response if you post your question to the Cineversity Q&A forum. If you need a guarantee of project assistance, email ([email protected]) or call MAXON US now (+1-877-ANIMATE) to schedule a Cineversity 1on1 session tailored to your needs.