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nicolas rouelle - 18 November 2018 12:20 PM

Hello, i’m new to cvartsmart
i have a 3d quilling effect to make with animation of growing drawing effect, i would like to know if it’s possible to control the order of growing from hierarchy? i would like to start from center of the draw, to exterior lines maybe with mograph spherical gradient it can acces to all the splines and that interacts with it and start the grow effect at contact?

Unfortunately not. All the sweeps are grown at the same time. You could however make the ArtSmartObject editable and animate the growth of each sweep object. You might be able to sequence the animation with Xpresso or MoGraph Time Offset.

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Leonardo Moreira - 11 February 2019 10:30 PM

Is it possible to make the mesh editable after all the adjustments? If yes, how?

Just press C or use Make Editable to convert the ArtSmartObject to a hierarchy of Extrude and Sweep objects. Select those and Make Editable again for editable polygons (or you can do it in one step with Current State to Object).

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Nesgoro - 04 March 2019 07:18 PM

This is a great plugin, thanks a lot. What about sizing a CV-ArtSmart object in C4D (I am using R20)? When I try the normal C4D size tool I only affect the extrusion but cannot size the item (equally in all 3 axis). If I put it under a Null and size the null I get the same result. I am forced to go to AI, reduce the size there and the upload again. Also, what if I want to apply different materials to a logo? I tried to apply a metal material to a logo which is originally white but is not possible, I drag the material on top of the object/layer and the material just won’t be applied. Finally, when using constrain on the caps tab (so the bevel doesn’t increase the size of the original logo), my geometry gets all messed up. Does constrain work with the plugin? is there any other way to avoid the increase in size of the edges? Thanks!

To scale the ArtSmartObject, switch C4D to Object mode by holding the Model mode icon (below Make Editable) and choosing Object. Alternatively you can adjust the scale in the Coord. tab of the CV-ArtSmart object.

The easiest way to adjust materials is to click the Create Materials button in the CV-ArtSmart Object tab. Then modify the materials for each fill color. You can also enable the “Show Hierarchy” option or make the ArtSmartObject editable for more direct control over the materials applied to each object.

For constrained bevels CV-ArtSmart just uses C4D’s built-in algorithm, which often suffers from the issues you mention. I’ll often work around this by offsetting paths inward within Illustrator and leaving Constrain disabled.

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Using illustrator cc and r21-

I have a high res image in Illustrator that I am tracing and I want to be able to go from Illustrator to C4d and back Many times but Artsmart Freezes unless I remove the image from illustrator, then save
is there a way to link these programs without deleting the image in illustrator everytime?


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Art Smart Object is very big how Can I scale Art Smart Object…?
I did not find any scale settings and direct scale effect extrude.

Using S22 and OSX.


Open AI and scale it and reload. It works.

If scale option can be add in Art smart object… that will be handy.


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As scaling was asked in the Q&A as well, I made a little clip:


Ai is a classic print application, it “thinks” more in other dimensions. wink


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Anyone else can’t seem to get Artsmart working with R23? I have it no problem on R21 and R22…but it’s in the plugin folder of R23, quadruple checked the folders…but doesn’t show up in extension area. Also doesn’t show up in CV toolbox download list. But I can’t remember if it ever did. I use this plugin every day…help!

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Hey Torsor,

We’ll have an update for ArtSmart that supports R23 soon - hopefully before the end of the week.


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So this is my first time playing around with ArtSmart. It started great but has now gone real bad.

Any file I save which has an ArtSmart object will not open. I get the dreaded “incorrect file structure” error.

If I ‘make editable’ and remove the ArtSmart the file will re-open fine.

Any ideas what is going on? is there any way to retrieve the files.

I really like this plugin but losing hours of work is a major downer.

I’m on Windows R23.

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