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Moves by Maxon facial blend shapes - workflow questions
Posted: 10 January 2023 03:46 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Hi Dr Sassi,

I’m writing with a few questions on the Moves by Maxon plugin.
I’ve found your answers to some of the other users’ questions here to be very helpful so far!

I’ve transferred some facial motion capture data from my iphone into C4D, and have started ‘remapping’ it onto a new head mesh. This head is part of an animated body, which I exported from Mixamo. I’ve gotten to a point where I’m able to create blend shapes for all of the face.
However I’m wondering how I should go about setting up the eyeballs, tongue and teeth so that they match the mocap? Should these parts be separate from the main head or a part of the same mesh?

My second question is about the face blend shapes themselves. I’m finding it tricky to understand which face poses some of the blend shapes names are meant to represent. More specifically in the mouth section the: stretches, roll lip, shrug lip, press left, lip down, lip left. Is there a face blend shape pose reference sheet, or would you be able to exemplify what these are meant to look like please?

My project file: https://we.tl/t-lYjjSHBGxy

Thanks in advance!!


Posted: 10 January 2023 09:46 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
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Hi Alice,

My tip is to capture your face with all possible expressions you can think of or need for a specific project. This gives you a reference for what each slider does. Perhaps that helps to understand the names and the points it moves to create expressions. Sorry, I have nothing better to offer.

Thanks for the file. I have explored it. First, I checked where the axis of the model’s eyes is. They were on the floor. So I selected the edge of it (Loop-selection of that border between the round and the flat part in your model) and reset the axis (Tools> Axis Center).
I did not use the PoseMorph, but the Constrain> Transform (rotation only). With this, the eyes looked down, so I adjusted the Constrain> Offset (R.P =90º).

Here is your file back.

All the best


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