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nodes and the new cineversity
Posted: 10 January 2023 12:59 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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why there is no documentation about geometry and generator nodes?

its 3 years this module is half baked. is there an hope to have roadmap about the new node system? and also some tutorials or courses?

where is the forum in the new cineversity website?


Posted: 10 January 2023 06:29 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
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Hi mat.forghieri,

The Forum of the new Cineversity is linked in my signature or on top of this site. The forum’s link on the new landing page is located at the bottom.

All the data about Geometry Nodes is here:
https://help.maxon.net/c4d/2023/en-us/Default.htm#html/60629.html?TocPath=Node Editor|Individual Assets|_____0

Tutorials are here

A playlist is here:

How that is positioned (more towards artists or more targeting developers) is not up to me to discuss.

You can suggest getting more data in the Help Content.
Please use this link
and then “Share Your Ideas.”
Communicate to Maxon what you like to have.

All the best


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