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Basic XPresso rigged model not baking animation after FBX export
Posted: 04 January 2023 07:57 AM   [ Ignore ]  
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I attached a video of what I’m doing to help understand better. I’m trying to export an animated FBX for an AR project.


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It’s a basic book model with an expresso, After animating it I go in to “function” to bake the keyframes to export as FBX but the animation looks off and the fbx export has no animation to it. I even went in manually and animated the bend deformers and then baked the animation and I still get no animation on my fbx export. the only thing that moves on the fbx export are the buckles that open and shut the book and they are part of the expresso rig, so I dont really know what is going on. I never really work in this world since I work in video 99% of the time, the deadline is also near, so help please!
Thanks in advance!

Posted: 04 January 2023 08:03 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
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Hi charliegoulet25,

To my knowledge, FBX has no idea about the Bend Deformer. But so far, I can see that is the base of the animation.

You must create a Point Level Animation (PLA) and check that option in animation>Tracks>PLA. It will result in an extra Folder after export. You need to keep the fbx and the folder together.

Shift + C, then type Cappucino, allowing you to “write” the PLA data.

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All the best


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