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redshift: adding textures/imperfections map on parent group while its children are having own uv maps
Posted: 06 November 2022 12:38 AM   [ Ignore ]  
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I modeled a lego-man and set uv map for every part of it (legs, hands, palms, head etc…) and added a graphic seperatly.
I would like to set a material (bump/diffusion etc…) for the whole lego-man (head to toe) - on the parent.

I guess if i will add a material for the parent itself it will overwrite the children materials.

If i’m not wrong there is a node called color-blend or sth, but I’m interested to check some tutorial and understand its core.

Will be more happy for any help or referal for tutorials.
on Redshift of course.

Thank you smile

Posted: 06 November 2022 10:32 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
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Hi eyalyounger,

Thanks for the tutorial suggestion (even your post sounds like Q&A post. Wrong forum? Please specify. This is the forum to suggest tutorials, not to get a suggestion for tutorials.)

If you want an answer to your model, please post an example file in the Q&A, zipped and attached. Just reduced the problem, no lights, plug-ins or anything else. Thanks.

(I open files from the following cloud services: Amazon, Google, Adobe, Apple, and Wetransfer.)

Here is an example
If not specified differently, the parent material is inherited, but used for each child object the UV information.
There is more possible, hence my question about an example and the hint with the Q&A forum.

Enjoy your Sunday


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