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Character Object, Part 1: Sizing, building, and adjusting a rig
Posted: 28 October 2022 05:58 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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how might i add shoes to a characters foot. Like a sandal? I have been looking for the right method. I know I need a bend deformer, and a stretch because of a ankle belt. I know I might be missing something on the ankle strap because it doesn’t follow the outside of the ankle like it should.

Posted: 28 October 2022 08:25 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
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Hi katy,

This is more of a question outside the tutorial and should be asked in the Q&A forum. Thanks for considering.

I would place the shoe and weigh it based on the joints. The foot will be “deformed” based on that, while the parts of the foot that are covered by the shoe should be made transparent.

If you have no toe joints, I recommend using a PoseMorph, to avoid the problem of having to position/rotation constrain the Deformer. But yes, it can be done with a Bend Deformer.

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