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CV Artsmart copy and paste limitation
Posted: 04 August 2022 04:11 AM   [ Ignore ]  
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Hi there,

the CV Artsmart copy & paste feature for copying & pasting splines directly from C4D into Illustrator is super handy.
Unfortunately if I copy one spline and have pasted it into Illustrator once, I can’t copy and paste another one. It always keeps pasting the original (first) spline that I copied.

Is there a way to clear the clipboard and make sure that when I use the plugin again by clicking on “CVArtsmart Copy” it actually copies the new spline into the clipboard?
Even restarting C4D does not clear the clipboard. I guess a reboot of my computer would do but that’s a very time consuming thing if I want to copy & paste several elements from C4D into Illustrator.

I am using a MacBook Pro with M1 Pro processor.

Or maybe my path is too complex??


But I tried to simplify the spline and even then it won’t copy it.
When I copy simpler splines (the default parametric ones) it does recognize them.
Maybe it is the type of spline that does not allow for the copy&paste;?

Warm regards,