C4D R26 Viewport constantly freezing
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Hello all,

  Full disclosure:

1- I own the fact that it could be user error
2- I have consulted the documentation
3- I have already read this thread (https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/viewport-freezing-up-does-anybody-know-how-to-fix-this-maxon-is-useless/2066117/2)

  That being said, I am having problems getting work done in C4D w redshift renderer.  The viewport keeps freezing while viewing
textures in the redshift render view, and in some cases it freezes immediately upon opening Cinema.  I’ve updated my graphics card and the issue SEEMED to be resolved but now it is starting up again and I have no updates available.  If it helps, I have a GeoForce
RTX 2070 SUPER.  Is this a known issue?  It happens habitually regardless of the file in which I am working.

-A 50/50 success rate work around is to click on the different workspace views available until the issue rights itself, but it’s
spotty and still will freeze after a time.

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Hi jleehunter,

Please check with the support.

All the best


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