Text Edges look Wrong after Volume Mesher is Applied
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I am designing a title sequence and created a 3D distressed look by applying a Random Field. But the edges of the text gets broken and looks bad. What is the solution to fix this problem ?


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Hi nikonbasu,

I like to help but I need more information.

It would be helpful to have one example letter here to see what you see. Images tell not a lot, especially nothing about your setup. I see that the letter are not smooth, but what is intentional and what isn’t, is not clear. Do you want to stress the surface but leave the edges clear of it?

I’m happy to look into your file! Zip it and attach it here, or I can provide an upload link. (Amazon, Dropbox, Google, Wetransfer, Apple, and Adobe cloud service are fine, anything else I will not touch for security reasons.)

Would this come close or help?

Please note that we have today a Holiday in the U.S.

All the best


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