Dynamic cache stops wind from working. Medals Swaying and bumping
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Help. I like what I’ve done and it looks good and I’m happy. But I tried caching my dynamics and for some reason, the wind stops moving my medals and I’m not sure why the wind isn’t cached along with the animation? Help.


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Hi salvame,

Thanks for the file. It works here.

Some pointers: The Cloth is dependent on the medal Dynamics. So caching the medal movement first might help.

Besides, instead of using the “build-in” cache, use the Object Manager> Tags> Rigging Tags> Point Cache.
When the point cache is working, you might disable the dynamic-based tags not to get twice the input.

Start with the medal first, then anything else. There is a hierarchy in the motion. Typically it is best to understand the hierarchy and sort the object manager as much as possible (top [first] to bottom [last])
I hope that makes sense.

I’m offline now. It’s past midnight here.

All the best


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