hula hoop around jar…?
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Any idea how can I do animation hula hoop around Jar and falling on floor…?
Tried some but nothing is working.

1. how can I set Torus points which goes around jar
2. and I think when this is set then rotating will be easy step.


If you can make screen capture… that will be nice.


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Hi iacdxb,

Here is an example:

Note that I have set the Gravity here to zero and that the Cube is the initial push that you do when starting a Hula Hoop. If you like the ring to go down, increase the Gravity slowly. Perhaps play with the friction a little bit.
The Shape for the Torus is set to Moving Mesh.
The Cube, used for the initial “bounce,” can be invisible.


P.S.: [based on your file]


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