Vimeo videos not playing
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Dear Maxon,

Im a new Maxon subscriber, and logging into Cineversity, Youtube hosted Tutorials play well, but all tutorials from Vimeo are not playing. After ticking “Im not a Robot” screen goes black.

Im on Win10 using Chrome.
Im attaching the a screengrab of the video not playing.

Any solution? Thx

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Problem resolved: It was a router issue. Please feel free to delete this post.

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Thanks a lot for letting us know, ziadsaad.adobe.

I hope you enjoy it, and sorry for the late reply.



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I am having this same problem today on a “Getting Started with Cinema 4D Tut”.. In the place where I should see a video I see a Vimeo sign in

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Could you let us know what browser you’re using? Does this happen on different browsers?
Are you using any adblockers/router level restrictions on embeds?