Help with spline Dynamics
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Hi all,

I am currently trying to animate an object with a cable attached to it, the idea being that once the object moves on the floor the cable follows along behind dynamically. I’m having real issues getting the spine to interact with the floor as currently when playing through the animation the spline essentially drops through the floor. So far I have done the following:-

1. Applied rigid body tag to the floor
2. Applied spline dynamics tag to the spine
3. Applied a hair constraint tag to the object to ensure the cable follows the main object movement (this works fine)

Even with the rigid body applied to the floor the spine still does not take this into consideration and still clips though.

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Hi daniel.directpumps,

Keep in mind that the Spline Dynamic can “see” only the vertices of the spline. The interpolation among all these points is of no interest to the dynamic setup. The frequency of how the situation is evaluated is critical. If that “check” is done too late, the spline vertices are below the collider.

You might get better results with objects connected via springs and then use these objects in a Tracer to create a spline.

I think if there is a master of showing Spline Dynamics in tutorials, then it is Chris Schmidt

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