Merge from splinedynamics driven object to ‘normal’ object
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Hi there

I have a simple animation using spline dynamics and the spline wrap deformer to get some nice swinging movement. I then would like to merge from that spline dynamics driven animation so a normal object which I can animate by myself. Or at least have the spline dynamics driven object stop in the exact place I need it to.

Any idea how I can get this going?



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Hi Steve,

Thank you for the demo-clip and for using a trusted cloud service.

I currently have no file from you. So, it might be that you need to retrieve the position from the dynamics first.

Please have a look here


I have also placed a “transition-null” into the scene if the tube gets taken and placed by a tool between it is handled by the crane and tunnel.

Edit: Here is a version with a “transition” based on a smooth Offset adjustment (Constrain> Offset)

All the best


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