Motion Clips Issues
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I have a robot arm animation created with keyframes.
For easy looping i converted it to motion clips, and pasted it along the timeline.

If the timeline marker isn’t at 0 frame, it doesn’t render properly, also it doesn’t always get’s back to its initial position at frame 0.

Seems like a buggy process.

Any way to transform the clip back to keyframes or baking it?



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Hi Gilk,

Difficult to say what to do without a scene file.

The keyframes never left. They are just wrapped in a clip. Right-Mouse-Click on the clip to get options to see it in the timeline. (Show in Dope Sheet)

If the clip is set as it was when created, then go to the Motion Menu> (TimeLine)> Motion-System> Convert Layer to Keyframe Animation.

If you think it is a bug, then always contact the support:

BTW, switch autosave on, or do incremental saves before a step that will change things.

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