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Any Great Cineversity Playlists that teach stuff like this one?
Posted: 20 September 2021 08:25 AM   [ Ignore ]  
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Hi Dr. Sassi,

This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kM-opbpfzNM

At around 20:00, he teaches you how to create some gooey effect
At around 25:00, he teaches you how to create a procedural rigged rope
At around 36:00, he teaches you how to create this rigged wringly cloth effect
(and there’s like 2 more techniques after this one that I also really like)

Basically, I want these kinds of tutorials. Tutorials that teach you how to create some “real-life” effects that uses rigging and mograph. I kind of like how you get more control over these effects because they are rigged in a way. Are there any more of these? I don’t even know what to search to find them here on this website.

I would really like to know all the playlist/video recommendations you can give me. I would check all of them out

Posted: 21 September 2021 04:25 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
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Hi openmindedcomedy,

I have moved it to the Tutorial suggestion. I hope that is OK.

The techniques described here are great and certainly worth to be updated to the current tools and functions. For example, with Fields and Volume, many things are easier and faster now. As he also mentioned, some parts are based on the tutorial from Kai (2007!):

Rigging, please search for Kai Pedersen and Bret Bays! Just use the Instructor filter on the left.

I’m happy to look into any question, but for the Q&A forum, please one theme per thread; otherwise, it becomes unreadable.

For the stirring up stuff in a pot, I would do it this way:

I hope that provides a good starting point.

All the best


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