Maxon app blue update button will do what?
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I have S24.111 installed (which I think is the current version) but my Maxon app has the blue update button next to C4D. Is there an S24 update beyond .111 that will be installed if I click it? How are we supposed to know what the current version is or if a new update has been released without an update checker/alert?

Or if I click the update button will it install R25 and leave S24.111 alone? Or worse remove S24?

Do we install R25 through the Maxon app, or do we need to go to Maxon’s website and download the installer?

I feel like the Maxon app should say what version have installed, and if there is an update include specific info on what will happen if you click the update button.

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Hi mikehoium,

For S24, the 24.111 is the version I find on the Maxon Site as an offline update. I mention this as this would be my tip to clarify the suggested version to install. If you like to keep your installation to S24, please don’t do anything.

Yes, there should be a more precise communication of what will happen. I understand this concern. I will file a report for this.

Thanks for sharing your concerns.


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