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realistic candy bar wrappers
Posted: 29 June 2021 01:32 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Trying to create a candy bar wrapper with a realistic crinkly surface and am failing miserably. I’ve tried numerous displacement maps including scanned images and everything I make looks like a balloon:



I don’t need help with the metallic surface, I just haven’t gotten to that yet.

Posted: 29 June 2021 02:36 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
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Hi ahandford,

Please have a look here:

With the noise in the Displacer, you create the deformation and using the Vertex Map limits its effect. This can be done with fields or just by painting weights.

It could also be done just in the weights, while the Displacer holds a white material. The Vertex Map can be used in fields mode, a Random field, and so much more.

All the best


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