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Creating fishing scene (technical/physic questions)
Posted: 28 June 2021 06:37 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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I have a few questions on a scene I will be creating soon; there’s no file yet.

In this scene, I’ll have a person fishing. The fishing pole will be straight and then start to curved greatly by the pull of a fish taking the bait. I was wondering if you could display how to create that type of bend on an object that is originally stiff?

Also, how would one create the physics of a fish in a teardrop plastic bag of water moving around; like they do at carnivals when someone wins?

Lastly, Removing ones fishing trousers from both legs. I’m not quite sure how to create that unfolding (inside out) affect down the leg. To me this one may seem a bit more difficult to me to setup and achieve than the other two. 

I appreciate any and all walkthroughs, help, and suggestions.



Posted: 28 June 2021 10:01 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
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Hi Richard,

I have one favor to ask; if you have several questions in the future, please split them into three threads. Otherwise, it is difficult to read for others since this forum doesn’t allow to branch out threads. Thanks for considering.

#1 Fishing pole. I’m a big fan of manual animation, of course. Which, in this case, would mean Joints. Perhaps run via PoseMorph.
While the fish pulls, the fisher might have a reaction, pulling against it. I think with just one slider, you can create a nice expression, while there is no limitation to add different ones to the Pose Morph.

Yes, I know; typically, most people like to do it with Dynamics, and with all that complexity, they might lose touch with the expression. Joints can have dynamics, but one gives up a little bit of art directing with this, not always, but the PoseMorph gives you a lot of control.

#2 Fish in the bag. I could go here with a model of the clear bag and have a Jiggle Deformer working on it. Perhaps harvesting some key poses and use as well PoseMorph with those.
Having talked against Dynamics above, I could see it here for the surface as an excellent option, but again, you give up a little bit of control, art-directing, and whatnot. But have a look.

#3 Pulling trousers. If I understand this correctly, the trousers are more or less close to the legs.
Here are two options: low tech, which means we blend from one into the other and then crumble it. [01
Or we use Cloth and create a collider with the Volume Object [11]

Enjoy your project


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