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Recording motor’s animated force within a motion clip
Posted: 25 June 2021 03:41 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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I have a motor with an animated force that is used pull a container up a ramp.  Everything works fine in keyframes, however when I attempt to create a motion clip, all of the keyframes…except for the motor’s force keyframes are captured.

Am I trying to do something beyond the motion clip’s capabilities, or is there a trick that I am unaware of?

Posted: 25 June 2021 04:07 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
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Hi charles.horan,

You can store in the Animation Clips keyframes of parameters, not the unbaked results of active dynamics. In this case, the actual “action” that a Motor does will not be included in these “recordings”. The parameters, Angular Target Speed, or Torque will. Big difference.

The idea of these clips is to have all information stored in keyframes. In other words, dynamics can’t be stored until all parts are based on baked information.

For example, you can’t adjust with the Clip’s Advance Spline interface the resulting speed of the Motor.

Any change of the animation clip would not change the dynamic results in the same way. So, I would advise against it, even if it works if the clip is untouched (100%), but what is the point of that procedure then. Animation Clips are, after all, only wrapped keyframe collections.

All the best


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