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Hello all

im playing around with the formula effector to generate randomness on a grid. i’m changing the position of cloned objects on the x-axis. objects move 0, 60, 120 or 180 cm acording to the seed value.

i would like to add a falloff so i can choose which parts stay unafected by the effector. But when i add a spherical falloff i loose my grid. Is there a way to round up the speherical value to a value of 60cm, so if its below 30cm the cloned object doesnt move, when it hits 31 it immediatly moves to a step of 60cm.

So basically i want to have randomness on a grid. with a controllable falloff.

Is the formula effector the right effector? Or should i use something else?
I hope i made myself clear…

Ive added project file and a result.

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ok.. box field with inner offset 100% does the trick!

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Yes, this will work, laurent.dochy, thanks for updating your own question.

Enjoy your project.


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