Strange behaviour with Unparent command
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Hello, I noticed some unexpected behaviour using the Parent/Unparent commands (Object menu) in S24.

Place 2 cubes in the scene
Move both cubes off the world axis, to two unique positions

Select both cubes and choose Parent from the Object menu

Confirm that one cube is now the child of another cube

Move the parent object

Select the child object and choose Unparent from the Object menu

Now when I try to reset the transforms of both cubes only the parent returns to the world axis, the child returns to the previous position of the parent but showing 0,0,0 in the coordinates manager as if it were still relative to the parent.

Is that expected for the Parent/Unparent command or is this a bug?

Any insights would be appreciated!

best regards

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Hi cameron,

Yes, it is intentional to save any (mixed) animation that the child object had.

Wherever the new parent object is, it will be the new World for the child object. All objects are initially a child of the World, if not placed in any hierarchy.

The change of that relationship from World to object-parent will be set inside of the Freeze coordination. In this way, any animation that the new child has will stay intact, of course, in relation to the new parent.

In the moment you un-parent the child, you have to set the Freeze values manually to save the animation. (You could “record” a script to do that). OF course, if all channels are animated, the Unfree option will not harm the data, as long as Auto keying is off; anyway, it is tricky, and I would recommend not to do it.

If you have no animation, just use the UnFreeze All button.

All the best


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