adding softbody dynamics to a rigged object
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I see how you can add jiggle to a stomach, but oddly, I don’t see any tutorials that show how to attached a softbody to a rigged character. Besides some secondary motion, I need part of my character to react to a collision object, so jiggle alone wont cut it. I’ve tried adding the softbody tag to my character, and it soft of freezes on frame one, and wont play (maybe too dense). I also cached my object, stripped out the rig and tried adding it to that, which didn’t work either (seems jiggle would work). Any insight would be helpful

PS, I did try to duplicate the character, and reduce the poly to act as a cage, but when I added it the the skin, it was a mess of points. I’m sure it’s because it broke the point order…

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Hi psussi,

How about a Collision deformer? Needs to be below the Skin Object!

Perhaps some prime or secondary motions with a PoseMorph.

As I have no file here, how about using a Mesh deformer and run the Softbody on the cage.

Again, just brainstorming here. Perhaps an extra joint for the impact area?



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