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I’ve been testing the new Scatter tool for creating condensation on products and it’s probably one of the best tools out there for doing this.  I’d like to place larger drips on a can and then paint over the can with the Scatter tool drops.  I’m looking for a way to exclude the larger drips from the Scatter tool thereby preventing any scattered drops from overlapping the drips.  I’m not seeing an exclude option in the Scatter tool.  Wondering if there’s a way to do this??

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Hi carsonjones,

I’m not aware that there is an option that previously created parts with the Scatter tool will be recognized by the current Scatter tool in use.

From my perspective, the idea was that the list can contain different objects, and one would “paint” those in one session with the Scatter tool.

I assume that the large drops are the main focus of the art direction. Hence why they are “painted” first.

Here is a little idea:

The data of the larger drops will be used in the Clone selection of the “dew” mini drops. The large drops will determine the MoGraph Selection, which is then used to “Hide Selected”.

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